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New Mexico Synthetic Turf sells synthetic turf in Albuquerque, MN. We have synthetic sport grass and lawn grass for sale.

We sell synthetic turf for yard and sports applications. Synthetic turf looks and feels just like real grass except you don’t have to water, weed or cut it. There’s no yard work with synthetic turf. It’s completely maintenance free and looks great year round.

With synthetic turf you do not have to worry about having a crunchy brown yard during the hot summer months. You also don’t have to worry about your yard dying over the winter due to heavy snow and giant puddles of melted water in the spring.

Synthetic turf is also incredibly durable. It is comprised of UV resistant polypropylene fibers that will not break down in extreme heat or with extreme sun. It will not fade, crack, warp or get wear spots from heavy use.

Synthetic turf can be placed on any dirt surface including steep hills. It can be placed in the mountains, and it can be placed in the dessert.

The synthetic turf attaches to the dirt beneath via silica sand, and once it is watered down, it will not come up or shift out of place. The sand works just like glue.

You also don’t have to worry about water puddles on the surface. Excess water drains straight off the top of the synthetic turf.

Cleaning your turf can be done easily with a push broom or a leaf blower. There’s no need to rake your synthetic turf.

Synthetic turf also comes with an eight year warranty. If your synthetic turf starts to look bad or wears improperly, it will be replaced or repaired.

For more information on our grass for sale or to get your questioned answered by our professional synthetic turf installers, call us at 1-866-251-2617.

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