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New Mexico Synthetic Turf installs synthetic grass in Albuquerque, NM. We can install synthetic grass anywhere real grass can be planted. We can also install it indoors.

We perform complete synthetic turf installations. We will remove all the existing grass and weeds from your yard. We will even out the dirt and apply a fine layer of sand over that dirt. Once the sand is down, we will check to make sure that it is even. We will fill in any holes that are greater than one eighth of an inch. The reason the sand cannot vary more than one eighth of an inch is because water will puddle in those areas and either make the divot bigger or simply look unsightly to the viewer.

Once we’re certain the entire area is level, we lay down the synthetic turf and contour it to your landscaping and other yard features.

Lastly, we will water the synthetic turf so that it adheres to the sand and underlying soil for a completely seamless look. Once the synthetic turf has been watered into place, it will not move, shift, fade or tear, and you can use it just like regular grass. You can set lawn furniture on it, and you can play sports and games on it.

Along with installation, we also have grass for sale which means you don’t have to purchase your synthetic turf from another company. We can sell you the turf and install it.

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